What is Countdown to Mama?

You can think of us as an “Advent Calendar” style box for soon-to-be or new moms to countdown to their due date… babymoon… baby shower… baby’s first month… 14 days or weeks leading up to her due date… or just an amazing gift box that contains 14 gifts to open all at once. All gifts inside the 14 drawers are wrapped, and the box itself comes wrapped in a protective canvas cover. The box is keepsake-quality and can store treasures and memories for years to come.


    What’s inside the box?

    So. Much. Happiness.

      Also, all of this:

      Our gifts contain many popular baby registry items, as well as a few pampering and luxury items sprinkled to keep it exciting for Mama.  


      When should I give Countdown to Mama?

      We don’t know a single new or soon-to-be mama who would say there is not a good time to receive 14 gifts. Countdown to Mama should be purchased and given to her as soon as possible so she can decide how she wants to open the gifts. Whether she is newly announced pregnant or her baby has already arrived, Countdown to Mama is a great gift to give to a new mom.


        What are some of the different ways to Countdown?

        Countdown to….
          • Due Date (weeks/days)
          • Baby Moon
          • Baby Shower
          • Gender Reveals
          • Baby’s First Month
          • Mama’s Six-Week Check-Up
          • Countdown?! She’s going to open them all at the same time! (We salute you Mamas with our Nutella-filled spoons!!)


        Is there a "boy" or "girl" version of the Countdown to Mama box?

        Countdown to Mama contains gifts primarily for the lucky mama receiving it, however, there are three baby-specific items – baby hat, baby swaddle, and milestone stickers. These items come in soft gender-neutral colors and prints.


        What if I know the Mama who I’m giving to isn’t planning on breastfeeding?

        We love mamas and respect every decision they make. There are two presents inside the Countdown to Mama Box that can be exchanged out, the “No Pump” Breast Pump and the Washable Nursing Pads. Please reach out to us as soon as you place your order with your order number and we can exchange out these items for an additional swaddle and bath bomb.


        I keep hearing this is a “keepsake box,” what does that mean?

        We adore this feature. Once she has opened all the presents, each drawer can be flipped around and labeled for keepsakes for years to come. (Think first drawings, photos, baby band, baby hat, awards, special notes with memories…) We think this would make an amazing graduation gift in 18 years. In fact, we’ve started one for our own son! <3 


          How do I use a Promo Code? 

          Once you have added a box to your cart, begin checkout and click on the "Order Summary" option to enter in your promo code. Having difficulties? Send us an email at stacee@countdowntomama.com, we'll help you out :-) 


          Do you ship Internationally?
          We do!! Shipping options currently include Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Looking for another country? Email shipping@countdowntomama.com with the address you would like to ship to for a quote!


          How quickly will my box arrive?

          Continental US Standard shipping is 5-8 business days depending on your Proximity to Washington, DC. We also offer expedited shipping for 3 business day service. 


          What is your return policy?

          Due to the personal nature of the products, we are unable to accept returns. However, if you or her are unsatisfied, please reach out to hello@countdowntomama.com to discuss options for making it right.

            How will the box arrive?

            Boxes come in corrugated shipping boxes, wrapped with bubble wrap inside. Your Countdown to Mama box will come in a Countdown to Mama branded protective canvas covered bag. Every present inside the 14 drawers comes pre-wrapped in tissue paper or a mini drawstring bag.

              Can I send this to her across the country?

              Absolutely! Just enter in her shipping address on the order form. You can include a personalized note so she knows the gift is from you. And remember, our gifts come wrapped. We promise that this really is the easiest and best gift ever for new mamas. (Until someone figures out how to bottle sleep, of course. Then buy her LOTS of that!)


                Can I include a personalized note?

                Yes! Please do! We'll write it on a "You Got This Mama" stationery in a beautiful script font!


                  What if this isn’t on her registry?

                  We are a new company, just launched in July 2019… so there is a good chance she may not have heard about us yet. Rest assured that our boxes contain many popular baby registry gifts – all items she’ll definitely use with her new baby. We’ve heard from thousands of mamas that this is an incredible gift that they would love to receive!


                    Who came up with this idea and where was it when I was pregnant?!

                    RIGHT?! Our Founder, Stacee, is the mama behind the box. She was looking for this exact thing when she was pregnant in 2017 with her son EJ to get through her nauseous, swollen pregnancy days. (Though if you ask her now, she only remembers it being a beautiful experience.) She has thing for advent calendars and gorgeous design and thinks the magic in life is in the small details.    

                    How do I add Countdown to Mama to my Amazon Baby Registry? 
                    To add Countdown to Mama's 14-gift countdown box to your Amazon Baby Registry, simply install Amazon Assistant, click the Amazon Assistant logo in your toolbar, choose "Add to List," and then click on the "Add to Baby Registry" button!
                    My question isn't on this list, how can I contact someone? 
                    Reach out to Stacee directly at stacee@countdowntomama.com. She'll get back to you in between EJ's naps! 

                    I'm ready to buy, let's do this! 

                    Amazing, we're ready for you! Check out the link below to buy now!