Don't Cancel Your Baby Shower Because of Coronavirus – Five Simple Steps to Throwing the Best Virtual Shower

five simple steps to host a virtual baby shower when quarantined because of coronavirus

If you or a special mama-to-be have had your baby shower plans scrambled during the coronavirus quarantine, don't cancel! Instead, follow our five simple steps to throwing the absolute best virtual baby shower.

1.) Pick a Venue (AKA a Virtual Platform):

One thing you'll need is a reliable, free and easy-to-access platform for everyone to jump on for the party. Think of this as your venue, except instead of looking for easy parking, you're looking for an easy-to-access link for everyone to jump on.

You will likely be the point person for any technical issues so make sure you know your way around whichever platform you pick!

Here are our favorites:

ZOOM: We like this one because it runs more like a meeting. You'll be able to upload content for everyone to see (ie: a slideshow of photos or directions for a game). And this lets the Party Host really control the flow of the party. If you as the host are Type A... this is going to be your favorite.

Hangouts by Google: A quick app download and everyone can join in. There is a 10-person limit on this one, however.

Skype: Another quick app download and everyone’s good to go. This one has a 24 limit on video attendees but everyone can share photos and share their screen.

2.) Setup the Evite:

Details: You'll want to get an email address and cell phone for every attendee so you can directly send them the link. Make sure you include a calendar invite with your platform link and also let people know in the email to test their tech in preparation for the big day. And don't forget to put what time zone it will be happening in! Pick a time that's good for both East and West Coasts so you'll get everyone in on the fun!

Guest Participation: This is also your chance to have people send their 3 favorite photos of the mama-to-be for any games or slideshows you may want to put on.

Gifts: And because this is a virtual party and social distancing is important, everyone should send their gifts ahead of time so include Mama-to-Be's address and to mark the gift as a baby shower gift, have them include "(Mama's Name) & Baby" in the shipping address so she knows not to open it until the day of the shower.

Here is our shameless plug for our Countdown to Mama "advent calendar" style gift boxes. 14 days of presents for a mama to be and it will arrive to her already gift-wrapped with a personalized card. Shipping is always free and takes about 1-2 weeks to arrive. We don't know a single expecting-mama that doesn't need 14 days of presents right now! Click here to buy the Baby Gift of the Year.

And if you're looking to give a group gift, mention in the email that you can collect funds and everyone can send you money via Venmo or mail a check for their portion of the costs.

3.) Preparation

Décor: This can be as simple as a "Mama-to-Be" banner, a crown and/or a sash... But make sure you have something that your mama-to-be can put in the screen with her ahead of time!

Slideshow: Compile all photos that were sent to you from everyone into a simple slideshow

4.) It's (Virtual) Party Time!

Day-of and Hour-of: Send out reminders of the Virtual Baby Shower with the time and link.

    15 minutes before: Ask attendees to jump online 15 minutes earlier than mama-to-be. This will get the glitches out of the way and she'll be able to have a "SURPRISE!" moment when she graces everyone with her virtual presence.

      Introduction: As the meeting host, you have the floor. Introduce yourself, give a speech and then turn it over to everyone to introduce themselves and how they know mama-to-be.




              Open Presents (Check with Mama-to-Be first to see if she wants to do this)

                Closing Speech: This wraps everything up and thanks everyone for participating. This can be with a virtual toast, Mama speech, or awarding of prizes for winner... and hopefully all three!

                  5.) Virtual Baby Shower Games/Activities

                  Everyone should come to the Virtual Shower with a marker and something large to write on for these games. These can all be compiled with instructions on a PowerPoint and presented in order. Remind attendees not to peek at websites for answers! Winners can be sent virtual gift cards.

                  Guess Who: Baby Edition – Mix in celebrity baby photos with your mama-to-be's baby photos to see if everyone can guess who that baby is when they grow up. Be sure to number photos. Attendee with the most right wins!

                    Virtual Scavenger Hunt – On one slide, you'll put together a list of 5 common-household items (ie: Cotton-ball, plunger, deodorant, hairbrush, broom). When you say "GO!" everyone has to rush to collect the 5 items. First one back with all items in hand is the winner!

                      Price is Right – Show 3 common baby items with their retail price. Closest without going over is the winner.

                        Trivia – Can be little known facts about Mama-to-Be or the fun and wonder of pregnancy in general.

                          Baby Mama or Baby Daddy – Collect baby photos and fun facts from Grandparents on mom and dad. Participants can write "MOM" or "DAD" on a sheet of paper and hold up who the photo or fact belongs to.


                            What are we missing to make her Virtual Baby Shower a memorable one? Let us know at!